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In 2023, an ICU nurse is falsely accused of manslaughter due to negligence in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.  


Our story begins with Victoria Lutz, an ICU nurse on house arrest as she awaits trial for which she may receive life in prison, the harshest sentence yet considered for a front-line worker under new legal guidelines.  The day before her trial, Vic’s brother Tom visits her house in an attempt to show support, and they reflect on the unbelievable things she went through during her endless hours at the hospital.  When Vic learns of alarming new developments about her impending trial, she finds herself faced with a very difficult decision. 


COVID-19 turned all of our worlds upside down, but none so much as those of our front-line workers.  All of us had to adjust to quarantine and a new social norm.  Our interpersonal relationships were put to the test at the cost of loneliness and isolation.  We fought to balance our sanity with our physical health, but front-line workers, particularly those working in health care, had much tougher choices to make than most. 


“Care” offers us a window to the unknown consequences of our actions today, and what they could mean tomorrow. 

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